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logo Acuril XLII

mercredi 30 mai 2012

Do you know what ICT mean?  
ACURIL XLII HAITI will address its impact in Haiti

 From June 4 to June 8, 2012, the 42nd Annual Conference of the Association of the Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL), will take place at the Karibe Hotel and Convention Center located in Pétion-Ville, Haiti.

This is the first time that the ACURIL Conference is taking place in Haiti as a result of the election of Françoise Beaulieu Thybulle,  MLIS ,President of ACURIL 2011-2012

Participants will be coming from various parts of the world particularly from 28 Caribbean states and territories to attend the conference, dedicated  by choice of  the president of  ACURIL Mrs. Francoise Beaulieu Thybulle to

 Mr. Jean Wilfrid Bertrand, General Director of the National Archives of Haiti http://www.anhhaiti.org/ - first Haitian ACURIL President in 1989-1990  which congress could not be held in Haiti..

The world acclaimed author Edwidge Danticat will be the keynote speaker on June 5th, 2012 at 9am

The theme for the conference is “365 doors opened on the technological revolution: economic, cultural, social and political impacts.”  The theme plays on the reminiscence of a historic revolution and beautiful palace built by self-proclaimed King Henri Christophe in the North of Haiti in 1813.  The palace that had 365 doors.  
The conference will address the digital era and the consequences of the rapid developments in ICT (information and communications technology) for the information profession. It will also focus on the social, cultural and economic and political aspects of the information society.  Commercial vendors and exhibitors confirmed are Ebsco, Springer, Gaylord, System, Link, SirsiDynix, Elsevier, OCLC, Libraries without borders, the National Archives, the Ministry of Culture, and local banks are also expected pending their confirmation. 

On June 7, ACURIL continues with its 5 year SOLIDARITY with Libraries and Archives in Haiti Campaign. It will coincide with Haiti’s LIVRE EN FOLIE, a yearly Haitian book fair to be held a Parc Canne a sucre .
It will be a unique opportunity for ACURIL participants to witness the vitality of the Haitian book production.

 Join us in ACURIL XLII HAITI, 4-8 June 2012

(cf Friends of Fokal, Acuril)